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Cheshire’s Disposal Hygiene Adhesive Solution for Adult Incontinence Diaper

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Adult incontinence is the fastest growing segment within the global hygiene market. As the aging population expands so does its willingness to use incontinence products. This means increased demand for better absorption, thinner cores, and a more satisfying fit, greater comfort and discretion. Cheshire’s ability to identify emerging trends means we stay in front of our competitors in introducing new solutions to enable you to meet these challenges. From the ability to use the latest apertured top sheets to maintaining integrity in thinner cores, our ever-evolving suite of smart adhesive solutions gives you the flexibility to move quickly and successfully when the changing market requires it.


If you are starting a new project or need innovative solutions to enhance your current product, your first step should be to contact Cheshire.


Elastic attachment. For living life to the fullest, Cheshire’s Elastic Adhesives help your products stand up to the action. Uniquely formulated to give you strong shear and stress with whatever substrates and processes you choose to use. That means it is the only adhesive you need for all your elastic bonding applications.


Construction. Create a strong bond even between dissimilar substrates. Adaptable enough to provide the performance you need regardless of line speed or product design. And don’t forget the benefits of less blocking, no bleed through and reduced odour.


Stretch. Stretch again, again, again... keeps performing and keeps its shape. Strong and flexible in every sense enable your product to discretely maintain its shape and keep your customers dry and comfortable. Flexible enabling the use of a wider variety and softer materials.


Wetness indicator. Enable caregivers to know exactly when it is time to make a change. Wetness indicators help your products keep skin dry and healthy by reliably and clearly changing colour. Colour change reliability remains consistent regardless of temperature swings and even harsh shipping and storage environments.

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