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Cheshire’s Disposal Hygiene Adhesive Solution - Baby Diaper

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Crawling, running, sleeping soundly…Cheshire’s disposal hygiene adhesives enable your diapers to respond to every movement to keep baby dry and comfortable. Plus, they are brilliant enough to also improve your operations and enhance your profitability.


If you are starting a new project or need innovative solutions to enhance your current product, your first step should be to contact Cheshire.


Elastic attachment. Precision flex and return prevents leakage. Cheshire’s Elastic Adhesives work with your substrates and processes to give diapers unmatched shear and stress abilities. Our solutions give you the opportunity to use the widest range of materials and provide greater design flexibility to meet your customers changing preferences.


Construction. Cheshire’s Construction Adhesives are cost-efficient and adaptable when you need to switch between materials and product designs. Plus, they enable you to keep up a demanding production pace because they do not limit your line speed. An optimum balance of cost and performance makes your work easier and more efficient allowing a wider choice of substrate and supply options. Not to mention less blocking, no bleed through and reduced odour.


Core. Conquer the challenges of producing thinner diapers or incorporating the latest core designs. Cheshire’s disposal hygiene adhesives are proven to maintain core performance for better comfort and reliability. They are also compatible with all application methods and flexible enough to adhere to an expanded variety of substrates.


Stretch. Stretch engines made using our disposal hygiene adhesives allow the diaper to maintain its shape keeping baby drier and more comfortable for longer. They are also amazingly robust and flexible enabling the use of a wider variety and softer materials.  


Wetness Indicator. A clear, timely and reliable colour change helps to keep baby’s skin dry and healthy. Plus, excellent processability and intermittent pattern control places the adhesive exactly - and only - where you want it. It is a solution to enhancing your product quality and improving production efficiency.


If you are starting a new baby care project or need innovative solutions to enhance your current products, your first step should be to contact Cheshire.

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