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Cheshire Personal Hygiene Adhesives - A Minor Detail Makes The Difference

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Personal hygiene products, like a baby diaper, consist of a variety of different substrates and materials. Fluff, SAP and Non-woven Fabrics make up a total of around 95%, while adhesives only 5%.


Even so, adhesives are just a minor part of a diaper or other hygiene product such as sanitary napkin & incontinence diaper, they are crucial to the overall construction and design of a sustainable hygiene product. This is because adhesives make the properties of all other materials function together. The more diverse substrates are used, the more complex are the demands on the bonding mechanism to keep the different types of materials together. It is clear sustainable substrates and materials must deliver on the primarily tasks - ensuring security, softness, absorption and comfort. Adhesives are in that respect the hidden champions, making it all possible!


Through innovation and collaboration, Cheshire can help you add value at every stage of your project. Our full-service testing and expert technical troubleshooting save you the downtime and hassle of testing on your own lines, while adding expertise you can rely on. Our product development team has the depth of experience necessary to ensure superior bonding and overall performance. And because our dedicated market experts keep a close eye on emerging trends and dynamics, we will help you be ready to meet them successfully. When you have a new idea or are beginning a project, it is time to contact Cheshire.

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